What’s the Big Deal About Tablets Anyway?

There is no doubt about it, Tablets will so profoundly change our lives, and in ways that we can only begin to imagine. Our constant need to remain connected to the world, and to the web at all times, ensures the longevity of the tablet computer industry, and will solidify tablets as the computers, and mobile devices of the future.

Tablets will remain dominant within both the consumer and business electronics markets throughout the next 10 years, and certainly into the foreseeable future.

Tablets, and the tablet experience, is about to change everything we know, and in a very big way.

Documenting The Tablet Experience

As we enter and follow this emerging market, TabletMonsters.com intends to bring together tablet computer fans of all kinds to share their tablet experiences and contribute to the greater good, and knowledge base, surrounding all Tablets.

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Okay, Tablets are Cool. But Who is TabletMonsters Exactly?

TabletMonsters.com is a website dedicated to following, reporting, and documenting the latest trends and happenings in the tablet computer industry. Our Editors have been pationatley following the growth of the tablet computer market since the very beginning.

TabletMonsters.com officially opened its doors to the world November 2010, and has since been focused on one goal: bringing together tablet computer fans and sharing our collective knowledge, and expeirences.

Weather you are a die hard iPad fan, follow BlackBerry PlayBook into the wee hours of the night, drool feverishly over Morotola Xoom, or take a liking to one of the many other Android or WebOS tablets available on the market today, TabletMonsters.com has you covered with all the best your tablet community can offer.

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