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Solar Powered iPad Case Loaded with Features Coming Soon

The tablet market is an explosive wonderland of innovation and opportunity, and aside from the very nature of the tablet form factor reducing your carbon footprint, there’s some cool new accessories coming out that will take going Green to the next level.

Wireless NRG is a company that is hitting it right on the nose. They are releasing a new iPad case which targets the environmentally friendly iOS user – and it offers so much more than just a healthy conscious.

The LilyPad uses new photovoltaic ink solar panel technology which converts indoor and outdoor light into clean and usable energy for the Apple iPad. Based on test results conducted with “average lighting conditions” and contingent upon “normal use”, the Lilypad is said to achieve as much as 12.5 days of power before requiring an old school charge.

Are you afraid of losing power on your other USB friendly electronics? No longer will this be a worry for you with Lilypad, as the build-in USB output allows you to connect and charge other USB devices simultaneously to your iPad.

In addition to the solar panel technology and power consumption features at its core, the LilyPad offers an HDMI output with 7.1 digital audio – allowing you to send iPad to the big screen without compromise. An SD card reader allows you to import your photos, videos, music, and files instantly so you are never without your goods.

Lilypad was consciously designed with key storage and usability benefits too. It’s clam shell design has a double-axle, allowing the entire flap to fold back and lay flat for simple e-reading. It can be tilted between 20 – 80 degrees, offering flexibility for difference usability scenarios.

And finally the Coup de Grace. Here’s the cherry on top. Lilypad has a Whistle Locator, which is a location device built into the LilyPad, doing exactly what you’re thinking! When you can’t find where you left your iPad, simply whistle and the LilyPad will beep back at you.

As if all of these environmentally friendly features aren’t enough to get the tree hugger’s drooling, Wireless NRG has committed to planting one tree for every single Lilypad unit sold. How sweet is that?

This is a sure fire indication the price point may be less than favorable to consumers, but hey, you could save the Earth with this 2,000 years from now. That’s priceless. Right?

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