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Samsung VP Admits Galaxy Tab 10.1″ Inadequate Compared to iPad 2

Make no mistake about it, not only has Apple completely reshaped the tablet industry once, but they are doing it again with the iPad 2, and big companies like Samsung know it.

Software, design, and price lead the charge with the top benefits of iPad 2 over the immediate competition, and its imminent release certainly has big companies (like HP and RIM) sweating profusely as they struggle to get their first generation tablets to the market.

In fact, Samsung Mobile VP Lee Don-Joo has taken a look at the iPad 2, and decided for himself that his very own Galaxy Tab 10.1″ now feels inadequate when compared to the new iPad.

In a recent interview with the Yonhap News Agency, based in Seoul South Korea, Lee Don-Joo said “Samsung will have to improve the parts of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 that are inadequate”, and went on to admit there are new challenges being faced with Apple releasing a thinner, more powerful tablet, at the same price point as its predecessor.

Don-Joo went on to say “The 10-inch Galaxy Tab was to be priced higher than the 7-inch Galaxy Tab, but we will now have to think that over”.

With iPad 2 making such a big splash in 2011, the tablet market has quite literally been shaken up, and we think tablet manufacturer’s of all OS allegience need to take a step back, process the Apple announcement, and map out some new plans to put some better tabelts in our hands.

If we want choices above and beyond the iPad 2 that make sense, we need to be shown something that is truly extraordinary.

Our hope is that Samsung will re-evaluate their Galaxy Tab 10.1 strategy and bring a better product to the market. One that is a step ahead of iPad 2.

We hope some of this information will be unveiled in the March 22nd Samsung event in Orlando, where we anticipate paramount tablet announcements from Samsung, and possibly a new additions to the Galaxy Tab lineup.

We cant wait to see what 2011, and really at this point, 2012, is going to bring to the tablet market.

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