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Solar Powered iPad Case Now Available for Preorder

Since March when we discovered Lilypad, Dave Foster and Wireless NRG have made tremendous efforts to prepare the world’s most robust solar powered iPad case for its release.

We are pleased to announce that Lilypad is not only Apple certified, but currently available for pre-order.

When we last brought you details about Lilypad, the product was not yet finalized, or even optimized for the lighter, thinner, faster iPad 2.

Since then, Wireless NRG brought Lilypad through the Apple certification process, implementing key changes which now make Lilypad 2 an ideal companion for iPad 2.  The thinner and more flexible solar powered cover is the obvious winner in terms of design changes.

Lilypad is made from of 80% recycled materials, and aside from providing your iPad with clean and usable solar energy for an average of 12.5 days, it offers several features above and beyond that of typical iPad case:

  • Protective Case
  • Auto Sleep/ Wake
  • HDMi Output
  • Stylus Pen
  • Keyboard Stand
  • Backup Battery / USB Charger
  • Whistle Locator (yes, really!)

Lilypad and Lilypad 2 are currently available in several variations. Black, Green, Grey and Pink colors are available for the following designs:

You can http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/davefoster/lilypad-using-light-to-power-all-our-mobile-device pre-order your Lilypad or Lilypad 2 from Wireless NRG for just http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/davefoster/lilypad-using-light-to-power-all-our-mobile-device 165.00 at Kickstarter. Manufacturing is currently in progress, and Lilypad’s are expected to begin shipping October 2011.

For more details about Lilypad, check out our previous article, or visit www.lilypadcase.com

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