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Notion Ink Adam Released with Upgrade Issue

Now that the first wave of Notion Ink Adam tablets are hitting the hands of consumers, we find a new problem that could kill your Adam tablet.

When you unbox Adam, there’s a set of instructions you are asked to read through. Part of the instructions from Notion Ink suggest you should update Adam immediately, as a new software version is out.

The first few users who attempted to upgrade their Adam tablet were unpleasantly surprised when after the software update, their tablets were dead.

“I updated my Adam two hours ago. After the update installed he was dead…” -Vedenn

“My Adam is dead post-update too. I get one amber and one red light, but no other response.” -Cameron

Notion Ink is now aware of this problem and currently working on a resolution. They have reportedly blocked the software download so additional users are not affected. It is not yet determined what is at the root of this problem, but it is clear that early Adam adopters are annoyed.

Our take on it? This is a serious blunder. While Notion Ink and Adam are generating a buzz in the tablet market, they are just too new of a company and mistakes like these shine inexperience. If you have some cash to risk, go with Adam with the next pre-order. The rest, maybe you should wait for the dust to settle and go for a 2nd, 3rd generation Notion Ink tablet. That is, unless you’re into trying new things, technologically speaking.

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